Dear Guests of Barbarella BARBARELLA BAL MASQUÉ!


We want you to have fun, sing and dance, jump and sing along, hug and smile, love and simply have the greatest New Year Party ever! To achieve this, let’s bear in our minds the following regulations of this Event.  

  1. When purchasing the Ticket you agree to the rules of these Regulations. The purchaser of the ticket may be refused in accessing the Event if he/she infringes upon the rules of these Regulations. 
  2. The access to the Event is possible only with the Ticket. 
  3. After buying the Ticket, please follow the information about the Event and its changes (cancellation or postponement of the date and time, changes in the show-program, etc.).
  4. The Ticket is entitled to one person only. The Ticket is valid for the Event it was purchased for and cannot be returned or refunded unless the Event is cancelled.  
  5. You can access the event only if you reached 18 years. If the hostesses and/or Security officers of the Event have doubts about the age of the guest, they are entitled to ask the guest to present an identity document (e.g. passport, driving license or ID). 
  6. The guests who are excessively drunk or drugs intoxicated will be refused in the access to the Event. 
  7. It is strictly forbidden: 

    7.1. to access the Event with weapons or things that put under the threat or endanger the guests and workers of the Venue;

    7.2. to bring explosives or inflammables, poisonous or radioactive materials; 

    7.3. to purchase, consume, mediate or sell narcotic or psychotropic substances or their derivatives at the Venue of the Event; 

    7.4. to bring and/or take out and/or consume own drinks and food, as well as to take out the drinks served during the Event; 

    7.5. to bring professional recording photo, audio or video equipment. 

    All of the above mentioned things will be confiscated at the entrance by the Security Department.

  8. The guest of the Event must behave politely and respectfully towards other guests and the personnel. If the guest behaves disrespectfully, the Security Department is entitled to ask the guest to leave the Event. Such requests will be final and binding for the guest.

    For your own and guests’ safety, please follow the instructions of the Security Department if needed. Inform the Organizer or the Security Department of any manifestations of vandalism or rudeness. 

  9. If the guest damages the equipment and/or furniture of the Venue, he will be obliged to reimburse the damage at the amount corresponding to the market price of the damaged things. 

  10. The guest of the Event must leave his outer clothing at the cloakroom. The guest will receive a token in exchange of the left clothing. If the guest looses such token, the Organizer has the right to withhold the guest’s outer clothing until the complete finding of the owner of the clothing left in the cloakroom. 

  11. If any of these rules are infringed upon and the guest is asked to leave the Event, he/she doesn’t have the right to claim, for such reasons, any ticket refund. 

  12. People, working at the Event, are entitled to refuse in serving the guests who are heavily drunk, intoxicated or are unfriendly and aggressive towards other guests and personnel of the Event. 

  13. The Organizer is not responsible for the personal belongings left unattended, and for the valuable things and money left in the cloakroom.

  14. The Organizer is not responsible for fraudulent tickets.